Rhodes Architecture + Light has over sixteen years experience working closely with our residential clients. We bring a first-rate group of licensed, experienced professionals to every project and manage the project to smoothly deliver design, documents, building permit, and to oversee construction pricing and construction itself.

We believe that the Architect's first role is to manage the professionals who's expertise results in a well designed and well built building, acting as the central manager and point of contact for our clients. For the homeowner this means that you can expect your Architect to be available, knowledgeable about all parts of your residence, and experienced in managing other professionals so that you do not have to.

The potential phases of any new residence or remodeling include:

+ Initial feasibility, review of the site, a thorough review and summary of applicable building and zoning codes, and the identification of environmental factors, codes, and restrictions.

+ Initial design discussion and the identification of the scope and size of the residence or renovation you desire. This process includes a client survey that Rhodes Architecture + Light has customized to identify your needs, your expectations, the kinds of spaces (indoor and outdoor) that you are planning, and any differences between the expectations of a couple or members of a family planning the architecture.

+ Clear and Detailed Owner/Architect Agreement. Rhodes Architecture + Light provides a complete identification of all professional services that you may require or that you request, the specific cost of those services including an itemization of all hours, and the presentation of a simple, complete professional contract covering all services. You should not be surprised by the cost of professional services during the planning of your residence nor pay more for services than you expected. Our professional services contracts are guaranteed not-to-exceed agreements.

+ Budgeting and Construction Cost Management: We also take your budget and the total construction cost very seriously and have developed, through many years of experience, a process to check the construction cost of your building during design. The residences that you see here have all been developed on tight budgets using materials and construction methods that efficiently make the most of your budget. We strive to refine the construction cost during the design process so that you never purchase drawings and professional services for a building that you cannot afford to build.

+ Schematic Design which includes the design of the residence, site planning, the identification of all spaces, a general identification of materials and building systems, and simple, three-dimensional presentation that allows our clients to easily visualize the residence. We work with the latest software including AutoCAD and SketchUp. This process involves meetings with and careful listening by your Architect, the review of plans and three-dimensional models, and a willingness to adjust the design, as you require.

+ Design Development including the refinement of the schematic design, the establishment of materials, fixtures, and finishes, and the initial design and planning work of our structural engineer, interior design, and lighting design.

+ Construction Documents is the phrase that Architects use to describe the production of the drawings (or “blueprints”) that communicate your decisions about your residence. Rhodes Architecture + Light has worked with the City of Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Tukwila, and Burien as well as Kitsap and Whatcom County and jurisdictions further away to develop “plans” that meet the requirements of many different Cities and counties. The same drawings communicate your specific needs and desires to a builder and insure that when you contract with that builder to construct your residence you can count on a clear definition of the materials, equipment, and finishes that you expect.

+ Bidding and Negotiation includes identifying and interviewing a qualified builder (or multiple builders), examining their contracts and expectations, and overseeing the process of pricing or the competitive bidding of your building. We assist our clients with the review of competitive bids, contracts and agreements with qualified builders, and the negotiation of contracts for construction.

+ Permitting and Management of the permit process are included in most of our service contracts. We have experience with many City and County Building Departments and usually represent our clients during the process of submitting documents for permit review. Our knowledge of changing Building, Land Use, Energy, Storm water, and Environmental codes and requirements makes this process as efficient as a particular jurisdiction allows.

+ Construction begins with the help that we can provide in the selection of a reputable and experienced General Contractor. Rhodes Architecture + Light also has two decades of experience observing and managing construction. The documents that we provide are a set of instructions to a builder tailored to our client’s needs. The monitoring of the construction is the critical assurance that our clients realize those needs in the finished building.

As a licensed Architect the legal role required by the State of Washington includes representing our clients and being a crucial liaison between the building and owner. We assure that construction runs smoothly, respond quickly and efficiently to a builder’s questions, and monitor the actual materials, methods of construction, and details to insure that our client’s money is spent efficiently and that your building is completed to a high standard.

We provide construction services on a time and materials basis and can estimate the hours required. As your Architect we insure that a builder is building what you envisioned and that the schedule and costs are monitored by an independent professional.

We welcome a discussion about any of the services we provide and always seek to provide the level of service that our clients desire.

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