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Rhodes Architecture + Light is a small, West Seattle Architecture firm that designs warm and light-filled homes and commercial spaces that enhance the lives of people who use them. With nearly three decades of experience in residential + commercial Architecture in the Pacific Northwest, we understand how to design for the way people live, play–even work–in their homes. Our wellness-informed design works alongside nature to create beautiful and calm spaces that embody local craft and embrace our coastal climate, celebrating the playfulness of space, form, and materials. Our team of expert, friendly and licensed professionals will collaborate and walk side-by-side with you throughout the design and building process. 

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Our Team

Rhodes Architecture + Light is a team of Professional Architects designing award-winning Northwest Architecture and bringing a diverse set of backgrounds to each project. We work closely with our clients to deliver beautifully created, comfortable, efficient + sustainable buildings and have completed and published Custom Residential Design, Commercial, Mixed Use and Retail Facilities. For almost 30 years we have been supporting our clients and delivering creative + exciting building solutions.

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Tim Rhodes RA. AIA


Hugo Headshot B&W_Cheryl McIntosh Photographer_Quanta Collectiv.jpg

Hugo Javier Carrion Berru, RA. AIA

Architect + Project Manager

Jeff Ko_Cheryl McIntosh Photographer_Quanta Collectiv-4.jpg

Jeff Ko

Architectural Associate, Project Manager

Cheryl McIntosh.jpg

Cheryl McIntosh

Marketing Director + Client Liaison

Steve BW_Cheryl McIntosh Photographer_Quanta Collectiv.jpg

Steven Reichard

Architectural Associate, Project Manager

Bradford_B&W_Cheryl McIntosh Photographer_Quanta Collectiv.jpg

Bradford Untereker

Architectural Associate, Project Manager

Julissa-Cheryl McIntosh Photographer.jpg

Architectural Associate, Project Manager

Michelle W.

When I’m hiring an architect, I want them to understand our company's vision and point of view. I want them to be able to think around corners (that we don’t anticipate) and make good judgements that reflect our project goals. In working with Tim and his team we had the peace of mind that comes from their focus and commitment. They put their heart into the project and its what sets Rhodes Architecture + Light apart from their competition.

Jane F.

We engaged Rhodes Architecture + Light to assist us with a major remodel of our home. From the beginning they hit the perfect balance, combining their creative and innovative ideas with our wants, needs, and input. They took the time to learn the way our family works, and found ways to incorporate our lifestyle into their plans. The end result was more than we could have hoped for, with a design that functions well and looks amazing. Their plans were comprehensive, including everything from structural steel to paint and flooring finishes.

Keith K.

Tim Rhodes and his team created a fantastic cutting-edge design for our major remodel, using timeless materials for the exterior that need no maintenance -- yet are beautiful and blend well. They worked closely with us to develop a graceful interior with large windows and decks that look out over Puget Sound, as well as smart lighting inside and out, a unique bending staircase railing, warm fireplaces, and an overall feeling of comfort. Our neighbors love our home. So do we.

Our Services

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