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Rhodes Architecture Modern Kitchen Renovation

West Seattle Architects designing warm, light-filled buildings that enhance the lives of the people who use them. 

Rhodes Architecture + Light's award-winning work includes over a quarter-century of experience in Modern Northwest Architecture, Custom Residential Design, Commercial Architecture and Land Planning for hundreds of clients in the Seattle area.


Our diverse portfolio of beautiful homes and welcoming commercial spaces results from listening carefully, developing efficient and creative solutions, and placing the needs, warmth and comfort of our clients first. Varied and diverse environments, contexts, and the desires of our clients have driven a wide range of successful projects. 

We strive to be Seattle's best architects from the way we communicate proactively throughout the course of every project, to the level of creativity we bring as a collective team. We walk our clients through the project every step of the way from design through the building process.


Designed for a professional couple that includes an artist, the Canoe Trail Residence is a major renovation in the Bremerton area that brings in an abundance of natural light, and welcomes the outdoors–in. This dramatically renewed home has the airiness of a gallery, and treasures its views as if they are part of the owners' collection.


The Lowman Beach Residence in West Seattle is both beautiful and remarkably energy efficient. Its owners send energy back to the city, and enjoy a warm and light-filled home that feels sophisticated and modern in spite of the technical details behind the scenes. Read more....

A courtyard garden, the occupant’s main pursuit, lends heart and purpose to a common living space flanked by two bed/bath suites. This small home’s generous light, high ceilings and exposed structure celebrate the living space.  Read more...

Recipient of a 5-star + Built Green Certification in 2022, this Seattle area home is organized on five half-levels set effortlessly around a central atrium/stair lightwell, dividing the spaces inside horizontally + vertically. Playful roofs and form reflect one of the owner’s mid-century modern boyhood home.  Read more....

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Rhodes Architecture + Light's mission is to create warm, light-filled spaces that complement the way people live, work and play in the Seattle area. Attentive discussions shape wellness-informed design solutions that honor the site, respect the environment, and reflect genuine care for the people we serve. Our work has an integral role in shaping the legacy of a structure–and in the lives of the homeowners and developers that use the buildings we so thoughtfully design.


We extend the same stewardship to our team which is cultivated with a spirit of creativity, diversity, inclusion and respect. As a collaborative team, we strive to be Seattle's best architects. 

We seek, every day, to earn the opportunity to enhance people's lives through light, open space, connection to nature and greenspaces, calm, warm design and places that encourage gathering and community. Our legacy is built on our ability to help others realize theirs, and we treat this responsibility as a great honor. Our vision is to create spaces that stand the test of time and bring light, health and happiness to current and future generations of homeowners.



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