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Magnolia Gardens

Location: Seattle, WA

Size: 3,595 SF

Cost: $229/SF

Photography: Michael Shopenn

Magnolia Gardens is a modern residence designed by Rhodes Architecture + Light for a site in this northwest Seattle neighborhood.

The design utilized the foundations of an existing house built in 1954. Any comparison between the new and old structures ends there. The house was commissioned by a local developer as a speculative residence and sold immediately upon completion in the fall of 2006.

Taking advantage of a beautiful southwestern view of Elliott Bay and the West Seattle peninsula, Magnolia Gardens orients four bedrooms and bathrooms to gardens, terraces, and water views. The house’s dynamic modern form opens through a glass atrium on the north and glass curtain walls on the northwest and southwest.

In a spread featuring Magnolia Gardens, Northwest Home + Garden Magazine (Nov./Dec. 2006) listed Rhodes Architecture + Light as “One of the Top Regional Architects.”

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