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Bradford Untereker, Architectural Associate + Project Manager

Bradford has been working in architecture since 2014. Prior to working at Rhodes Architecture + Light, he worked on a vast array of project types and scales, including affordable high-rises, market-rate mid-rises, and living building commercial offices.

Although he enjoyed the complexity of larger buildings, Bradford’s passion is for intimately scaled projects that have more personal connections between site, building, and user. He was therefore attracted to the thoughtful designs and client-oriented considerations demonstrated at RAL.

Channeling his previous studies in humanities, Bradford believes that every building has stories to tell, and it is our job as architects and designers to facilitate those stories.

Bradford moved to the Puget Sound area from Houston, TX in 2006 to study History and Japanese at the University of Puget Sound. His studies focused on cultural changes and perception on modernization/Westernization in early modern Japan. He found his way to architecture through many trips to Japan and love of Kyoto. Reading Tanizaki’s In Praise of Shadows was the tipping point. In 2016, Bradford earned his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Washington, specializing in sustainable systems and design.

In his free time, Bradford enjoys designing and playing tabletop games, reading, sketching, traveling, gardening, golfing, playing bass/guitar, and cooking. He can often be found exploring and goofing off with his lovely wife, Kristin, whenever their cats (Midna, Luna, and Enzo) deign to let them leave.

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