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Josh Hardwick | Associate AIA

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Josh is a recent graduate from CU Boulder’s Environmental Design Program. Having recently moved to Washington State, Josh is progressing through the licensure process with goals to become a residential architect.

He has 6 years of construction experience as a carpenter and project manager and operated his own home repair business while earning his undergrad. Prior to this, Josh had a career in the theatrical industry as an actor, writer and producer. His unique experience as a storyteller influences his approach to architecture and provides him with a heightened sense of spatial awareness.

Josh approaches architecture with a combination of technicality and emotionality. Acting was an outlet that allowed Josh to express himself in ways that words could not. As an Associate with Rhodes Architecture + Light, he finds reward in using design to bridge the gap between how clients want to feel in their space, and using his power of expression to help them realize what initially may feel like an inexpressible dream.

In his spare time, Josh enjoys sculpting, modeling, wood working, carpentry, writing, cinema and roadtrips.

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