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Harbor Avenue Live/Work

The Harbor Avenue Residence is a tall home built on the foundations of an existing building in West Seattle, Washington.

The aesthetic design started with the basic footprint of the existing building extended to four additional stories. Simple, clean materials with minimal maintenance requirements were important inside and out. The owner asked for a building that felt like a Northwest home while taking advantage of extensive glass and natural light.

A five-story curtain wall of green glass and a steel structural frame allow breath-taking views of the city across the bay and lend a signature material to the building, drawing the viewer’s eye upward. Curved steel beams and heavy timber roofs convey the curves of the marine environment just steps away while giving a significant form to the top of the building and the meeting and deck spaces enclosed. A steel “torii” beam and column structure at the top roof deck suggests a gateway, a portal to the east and the wider world, reflecting the owner’s Korean heritage.  

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Location: West Seattle

6,694 SF (Including Decks)

Cost:  $225.50/SF

Photography: Joe Harrigan

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