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Modular + Prebuilt

We are excited to announce the new Rhodes Architecture + Light copyrighted “Life+House” modular and prebuilt system. Life+House is a unique, pre-built, modular and factory-prefabricated system of architectural modules that delivers a variety of homes for a wide range of owners and needs. It provides a beautiful living environment, customizable to each owner’s current requirements, and is scalable for the future. Life+House is pre-built and delivered faster than conventional building. It is completed in a climate-controlled production facility and requires less work on site–which means owners can enjoy their quality new home much sooner.


Life+House is not a “kit of parts” requiring a frustrating assembly (think IKEA). Unlike kit-built, flat-packed, and sectional prefabricated homes, Life+House is a series of completed modules that can be linked. The variety, size and configuration of the modules lends the system flexibility while the consistent vaulted architecture and glass ensures that any combination forms a beautiful, well-lit coordinated home.




Life+House modules can be combined like Legos. Need two bedrooms and bathrooms, an office, and a studio? Life+House can do that! Expecting a new family member? Life+House can add a bedroom suite to an existing Life+House residence (now or in ten years). Quit your job to teach painting? Life+House includes a self-sufficient studio and a pavilion for art, meditation or martial arts.

From a 250-square foot pavilion to a fully finished 800 square foot living unit, twelve basic Life+House modules are efficient, delivered complete and ready without complex assembly. Combined, almost unlimited configurations are possible. Design your own!

At Rhodes Architecture + Light, the owner's needs, lifestyle and wellness are always at the center of our design approach. Life+House is one way we can meet owners where they are, and provide a resourceful solution that adapts to ever evolving lives.

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