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Norway Hills II

Location: Bothel, WA 

Size: 15,6
96 SF (Overall project area)

Cost: $189/SF

Completed: Originally completed in 2001

20 Years ago, four speculative residences were constructed on 1-1/2 acre sites in Bothell, Washington. Over the years we have partnered with residents on landscaping projects and home renovations, and in doing so, we’ve shared in the deep sense of community that design has helped build. 

When our client, Mike, found his Norway Hills home, he had a vision of what this modern country house and property would eventually look like with improvements. What he didn’t know yet was that his renovations would help bring the community together in such a profound way. The improvements included building out the entire upper floor of the garage, adding a pool, waterfall, outdoor fireplace, gabion walls, landscaping lighting and an exterior entrance off of the living room.

“I went back to the original architect, Rhodes Architecture + Light, when I was ready to make changes. I learned early on that they listen to their clients’ needs instead of imposing their own opinions. Their design solutions reflect that attentiveness.” –Mike

Mike is a talented local builder and managed the construction process with his team. It was a major undertaking and took about a year to complete. 

“The renovations were a resounding success. The neighbors loved the changes–so much that it evolved into the neighborhood entertainment and pool center. I’d come home from work and there would be 20 people in my pool with their kids–adults drinking wine on the deck. People still talk about it after all these years, the memories made in our small community. That’s the magic of design.” –Mike

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