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Art + Architecture in "Portrait of Seattle" Magazine

In keeping with the theme of our Instagram series and recent blog post, “Designing with Art”, we are excited to share that the February issue of "Portrait of Seattle" highlights the Canoe Trail Residence with the article, “Art & Architecture”. View the article and project photos here.

The article shares the strategy that Rhodes Architecture + Light employed when designing this comprehensive renovation. At the owners’ request, one of the primary design objectives was to create beautifully lit spaces within the home that showcased the owner’s extensive art collection.

An excerpt from the article reads: “Our fear was that they would design a house that they wanted to design,” says Ken (homeowner). “But they really took the time to design a house that we wanted.” Not only is it a welcoming backdrop for the couple’s everyday lives, but an intimate gallery of the art they’ve collected together over the years. In this way, “The house becomes its own art piece,” says Rhodes. “Art is embedded in the architecture and displayed by the architecture. It works as a gallery on multiple levels.”

Architect: Rhodes Architecture + Light

Builder: Fairbank Construction Company

Photographer: Cheryl McIntosh |

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