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Detached ADUs and Life+House

Imagine transforming your property into a dynamic space that caters to your unique needs and scales to suit your life as your circumstances change. Whether you're seeking a versatile living arrangement, a source of income, or a comfortable place for mom, there are compelling reasons to consider a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU)–and Rhodes Architecture + Light has a unique, customizable solution.

Our Life+House design is a modular, prebuilt, factory pre-fabricated home which combines sophisticated design + construction, flexibility and freedom. From a 250-square foot pavilion to a fully finished 800 square foot living unit, twelve basic Life+House modules are efficient, delivered complete and ready without complex assembly.

DADUs have surged in popularity as a flexible housing option, and they have the power to redefine your homeownership experience. We’ll discuss a few of the benefits that DADUs bring to your doorstep, and specifically, what a Life+House system offers when tailored to your specific dreams and way of life. Many local jurisdictions allow one or two additional ADU’s/DADU’s on your property as well under current land use codes.

Benefits of Detached ADUs:

Privacy: Detached ADUs (versus attached) offer more privacy for both the main homeowners and ADU occupants since they are separate structures. An initial feasibility study helps determine where on the property the DADU can be built and its relationship to the primary home.

Shared Amenities: Residents in the main house and the DADU can share amenities such as a courtyard, garden, or common areas, fostering a sense of community.

Flexible Use: Life+House systems are designed to function well as a primary residence and can also be used for purposes such as a rental property, home office, art studio, gym, guest house, or a space for aging parents or adult children. The modules can be combined like Legos, and additional modules added at any time– scalable to your life’s evolving circumstances. The variety, size and configuration of the modules lends the system flexibility while the consistent vaulted architecture and glass ensures that any combination forms a beautiful, well-lit + coordinated home.

Resale Value: DADU’s versatility and additional living space can potentially increase the resale value of your property. The Life+House prefabricated system helps keep your construction costs down so that you have more money in your pocket when it’s time to sell.

Income Potential: Renting out a detached ADU can provide a source of rental income. The architected design of the Life+House system offers an attractive home that brings something unique to the rental market, making your property stand apart from competing rentals at the same price point.

Aging in Place: Detached ADUs can serve as a living space for aging parents or individuals who want to maintain some independence while being close to family. In both cases, ADUs can help address housing shortages, provide reasonable housing options, and allow homeowners to make the most of their property.

Whether you seek versatile living spaces, additional income, or accommodation for loved ones, Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (DADUs) hold compelling reasons for consideration. With the thoughtfully designed Life+House system, your new DADU has the potential to become not just a dwelling, but a canvas for endless possibilities. In a market where housing is in demand, Life+House emerges as a versatile DADU solution, empowering homeowners to maximize their property's potential.

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