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Julissa Quezada Rosales, Architectural Associate + Project Manager

Updated: Jan 2

Julissa Quezada Rosales Architectural Associate and Project Manager

Born in the north coast of Honduras and raised in New York, Julissa has grown a deep curiosity for the built environment and the design of spaces we inhabit. Julissa had an innate pull towards art and design at a young age. She has always been drawn to and inspired by architecture that can speak for itself. Julissa finds her joy in creating intentional and harmonious spaces that compliment both the environment and the inhabitant.

Julissa graduated in 2019 with a Professional Bachelor degree from Marywood University in Scranton, PA.  She began her professional career in Brooklyn, NY, and then later in Raleigh, NC where she primarily worked on science, and healthcare buildings. After relocating to Seattle, Julissa switched gears to multi-family and commercial buildings.  Although she enjoyed the complexity of designing large scale projects, her passion came to life working on smaller, more intimate spaces. Julissa places the upmost value in fostering the relationship with a client and co-creating holistic architecture together. Outside of the office, Julissa has participated in over 3 global architecture design competitions and continues to challenge and refine her design skills through various opportunities.

In her spare time, you can find Julissa outside hiking, backpacking or foraging all around the PNW with her dog Fluffy. After retiring from her 12-year swimming career, Julissa now enjoys the challenge of open water swimming and has participated in a few triathlons over the years. Julissa is also active in her yoga, cycling and climbing communities to keep her moving all year round. When she’s not outside, Julissa is spending her time indoors in front of a canvas. She began drawing with charcoal and graphite at the age of 10 and transitioned to oil painting in 2018, where she further explores her curiosity of form with color.

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