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Savannah Jones, Architectural Associate + Marketing Coordinator

Updated: Apr 25

Since day one, Savannah has been drawn to design and architecture. Growing up with an interior designer for a mom means she learned her colors through paint swatches, numbers through floor plans, and shapes with ceramic tiles. Savannah left her home near Seattle to gain a formal architectural education at the University of Oklahoma and Woodbury University in San Diego, CA. 

Savannah's travels abroad have not only broadened her understanding of design but also instilled in her a deep appreciation for the cultural contexts that shape architectural styles around the world. This sensitivity to local culture and community informs her approach to design, ensuring that her work is not just visually appealing but also deeply resonant with the people who inhabit it.

After completing architecture school, Savannah returned to her roots in Seattle and is loving building her career here. When not at work, you can usually find her outside skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or climbing–always with her dog Beau in tow. On a slow day, she’s probably trying to grow food in her garden, or cooking with the produce eventually bought at the farmers market since gardening is hard.

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