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Queen Anne Residence

Location: Seattle, WA 

1250 SF New, 1050 SF (remodeled)

Cost: $281/SF

Completed: 2002

Photography: William Wright

The renovation of and second story addition to an existing “1950’s modern” house on the north side of Queen Anne Hill became an exploration of scale and proportion.

Designed for a professional couple, this house represents new thoughts about urban architecture. An extensive renovation brought bold colors, materials, and textures to the 1953 house and added a second story dedicated to bedrooms, bathrooms, and dressing. The exterior Roman brick and modern windows were kept and complemented with a modern Romanesque addition featuring masonry, stone tile mosaics, modern tile, colored glass and plaster.

To create the exterior, a custom drop siding was milled from clear cedar to match the texture of the existing brick base and Douglas fir panels were used to form a top frieze, breaking down the scale of the residence. Exterior and interior materials include red oak floors, Douglas fir trim and doors, Indian slate tile, and glass. Energy use was addressed too with extensive replacement of old heating and cooling systems with high-efficiency heat pumps.

The Queen Ann Residence was built by Dyna Construction and published in Sunset Magazine (“Seamless Addition”, Queen Ann Residence Renovation September 2004). The Master Builders Association awarded this project the Best Renovation of 2003.

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