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The Long Home


Recently breaking ground, this modern interpretation of a traditional farmhouse blends Scandinavian design principles with innovative features. "The Long Home’s” elongated and narrow form is divided into three volumes by covered breezeways, creating a distinctive aesthetic that compliments its forest glade setting.


Designed to embrace an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, the home features deep overhangs that promote connectivity between living spaces and the surrounding six-acre site. A traditional covered front porch spans the length of the house, offering a versatile outdoor space for all seasons.


With an emphasis on sustainability, the house incorporates insulated concrete floors for thermal efficiency and energy-efficient elements such as Energy Star appliances and a high-efficiency reversible heat pump HVAC system.


The home’s orientation maximizes eastern light, natural ventilation, and picturesque views. Nestled into the forest, it evokes the feeling of a cabin in the woods, especially noticeable in the office space. Exposed structural beams in the great room with vaulted ceilings strike a balance in the home’s volume, while thoughtful lighting design ensures a harmonious interplay between natural and manufactured light.


To address the challenge of the home's length, a sustainable product called "ACRE" is utilized for rafter ties, exposed beams, and exterior siding. Made from rice husks, natural oil, and salts, ACRE mimics the appearance of natural wood, providing an aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance solution that connects the interior with the wooded surroundings. This material choice is a conscious decision to bring nature inside, adding rhythm and modulation to the linear space.


Inside, wood and ACRE veneers contrast against expansive white walls, creating visual interest and complementing the surrounding greenspace. The house is strategically planned to maximize efficiency, with minimal hallways and an open layout that ensures all spaces have access to the outdoors. The long design not only supports aging in place by eliminating steps and stairs but also facilitates sunlight reaching every corner, enhancing the connection between interior spaces and the wooded landscape.


The Long Home reflects a commitment to sustainability and thoughtful design, while prioritizing the well-being of its occupants, harmonizing with nature and creating a sanctuary within the lush surroundings.


"It is very exciting to see photos of the progress on the driveway as it leads to the site of our future home. It feels more real now, and not just an idea in our heads and on paper. We look forward to experiencing and being present and involved for each step of the process.” 

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