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CITC Headquarters


Location:  Renton, WA

Size:  30,874

Rhodes Architecture + Light

Rhodes Architecture + Light designed an extensive renovation of an existing building in Renton, Washington for a new CITC Headquarters and Training Campus. The Construction Industry Training Council of Washington (CITC) is using the facility exclusively as a state-licensed, non-profit vocational 4-year trade school for the construction industry offering construction training throughout Washington State. The new flagship building for CITC required the renovation of an old 30,874 square foot automotive repair facility, sited on 64,000 square feet of commercial and residential property.

The scope of the project included the creation of new parking at the eastern commercial and residential parcels of the property, upgraded and replaced modern storm water + drainage, sanitary sewer, water, electrical and natural gas utilities, new site access, drives, sidewalks, accessible routes and site connections, new landscaping, site lighting, and the design of a dedicated pedestrian park with water feature, seating, landscaping, and lighting.

Rhodes Architecture + Light utilized the existing concrete block and heavy glued-laminated timber building, adding a high, light-filled lobby facing a landscaped new public park to create an open, well-lit facility celebrating the art and craft of buildings. The headquarters facility continues to “brand” CITC while giving the construction training apprenticeship program a home and focus for administrative functions, multiple classrooms, large, hands-on laboratories, and student and instructor break areas. The North Renton Neighborhood Association and Renton City Council warmly welcomed the new facility in public presentations.

New daylighting through high clerestories, extensive curtain walls, and careful lighting design brings natural and manufactured light to the currently dark facility. Interior glass walls “open” classrooms to hands-on laboratories and instructor offices. A thorough seismic upgrade of the current building is expressed internally; steel braced-frames become highlights and a focus for apprentices training to create buildings. Energy sustainability utilizing high-efficiency HVAC systems, insulation and weather barrier upgrades, led lighting was another focus of the building design.

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