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Kirkland Residence

Location: Kirkland, WA

Size: 2817 SF

Cost: $170/SF

Completed: 1998

Photography: James Frederic Housel

This residence was designed for a young builder and his family and includes four bedrooms, a design studio, garage, and open living and dining areas, which are integrated into a modern “bungalow”.


The house we collaborated to build was an experiment in varied, well-lit and intriguing space, glass, sculptural elements (such as the two-story fireplaces) and finishes; extensive interwoven family, living, gardening and gathering space in a small footprint.

The Kirkland Residence explores industrial materials and finishes that highlight a builder’s craft and illustrates the way a house is made. The 2100 square foot house uses glass, ceiling height, and carefully screened space to feel larger than its small size. 

The Kirkland Residence was built by Chris and Nicole Coddington and was selected as as a Seattle Times/AIA Home of the Month and has been featured by Pacific Northwest Magazine and by Fine Homebuilding Magazine.

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