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Hugo Javier Carrion Berru, RA. AIA

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Hugo is a registered architect in the State of Washington who joined Rhodes Architecture + Light in the fall of 2013. He believes in getting to know our clients and understanding their needs in order to create unique, welcoming spaces for them. Hugo has worked on a range of projects including mixed-use buildings, adaptive reuse, commercial & educational tenant improvements, custom homes and the renovation of existing structures. Experience with the USPS has taught Hugo the importance of accessible design as well.

In his spare time, Hugo enjoys sketching, playing and watching soccer, and spending time with friends and family. On a sunny weekend he loves exploring the city with his boys (while giving mama a break). Together they enjoy taking the light rail, snacking at Westlake, then taking the Monorail and playing around the Space Needle complex. When visiting Quito they enjoy taking the mountain gondola to see the city from a swing at elevation 13,000 FT.

Community building is very important to to Hugo and his family and they love being part of it. They often meet with fellow Ecuadorians to enjoy typical dishes and games. Hugo is named named after his father, and he kept the tradition with his first son. They never met, but Hugo loves telling his boys stories about grandpa. Everytime they travel to Ecuador, they visit Hugo's father's grave and celebrate his life.

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