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Queen Anne Residence Featured In Sunset, Sep 2004

Seamless Addition The new second floor looks right at home.

Sunset Magazine: September 2004

“When architect Tim Rhodes was hired to renovate a cramped 1950’s rambler on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill, he faced a common problem: How do you add a second floor without it looking like an addition? His solution was to redesign the façade.”

“Working with the owners, Rhodes needed to integrate the second story with the existing brick-faced ground floor and avoid a top-heavy look.”.

“To minimize the appearance of the home’s height, Rhodes separated the first and second stories with horizontal bands of green paint. The colors are similar in tone but different enough to be read as two layers. “The series of horizontal bands visually squashes the structure down,” Rhodes explains.”

Master Builders Association MAME Award: June 2003 Best Renovation

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