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Tim Rhodes, RA. AIA | Principal

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

After eight years of architecture study and work in the Midwest, including a six-year degree combined with minors in philosophy and psychology, I moved to Seattle in 1989 and gained real world experience at an award-winning architectural practice in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. I earned design and management as part of a talented team building stores, offices, and residences.

In the summer of 1995, I formed Rhodes Architecture + Light to be closer to design, clients and projects. This allowed me creative freedom and the ability to collaborate with people on details and materials that complimented the way they used their spaces.

Now, nearly 30 years later, I am fortunate to have worked with many private clients to design and build spaces that are thoughtful, unique, exciting–and surprising. Working within the constraints of budgets and schedules has led to a careful architectural practice and yielded more creative, diligent work.

Off the clock, my wife and I are adjusting to a quiet home as our three kids begin their independent, adult lives. This allows more time for personal passions (and meeting the needs of several cats). Cooking in commercial kitchens (and a KC jazz club, City Lights) got me through architecture school and I still love creating food. Art has always been a pursuit, and drawing, painting and photography open my eyes to the world. Origins in a family of writers has taught me a love of reading and literature and you might find me nose-down in a book or trying my hand at my own writing when off-the-clock. My team knows that I am enthralled by history (confession: ancient Rome is a bit of an obsession). A love of music led to a teenage pursuit of percussion (and a couple of bands) and I still play a drum kit from time to time or tap out a rhythm on an African doumbek. Traveling, seeing the world is a continuing love and goal; any time anywhere in Italy makes me smile!

Rhodes Architecture + Light has created several small communities, and I’ve had the joy and challenge of living in one of them. I feel fortunate to live and practice Architecture in Seattle, and to partner with a team of driven and creative people who are equally passionate about our work and our clients.

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