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Location: Bremerton, WA

Size: 6880 SF New and Renovated

Cost: Withheld at Owner's request

Completed: 2023

Photography: Quanta Collectiv

The renovation of an extensive linear residence and site facing Port Orchard waterway embraces water, greenspace and forested hillside. The home, completed this fall, serves as an artist’s studio, galleries, family space, game room, outdoor living areas and peaceful retreat.

Inside, a monumental central stair and tapered two-story tall red cedar and steel column were designed as the residence’s entry focal point and internal landmarks, guiding the visitor’s eye to the main atrium…. and upward. Heavy wide-flange steel moment frames support the house and enable whole walls of glass (and views of the land, gardens and water just outside). Rough, mill-finished steel contrasts refined cabinetry, stone, wood structure and space-defining dropped ceilings, reflecting the opener’s love of the tension between highly polished and detailed +  rough, found art. Outside, A new southern “dining room” was designed for warm summer evening gatherings under a heavy-timber trellis.

Natural daylight and high-efficiency lighting are central players as in any gallery. From a high clerestory and extensive southern and eastern window-walls to carefully selected up-lighting, pendants, and accent fixtures, Rhodes Architecture + Light worked closely with the owner to ensure that their dark existing house would become one filled with light. 

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