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Indianola Residence

Location: Indianola Split, WA

4,331 SF

Cost: $425/SF

Completed: 2020

Photography: Will Austin Photography

A transformation inspired by the owner’s love of modern architecture, art and color (and the adjacent sand, rock, water and the northwest landscape), the Indianola House sought to bring the soul of a home to a colorless muted box while creating a gallery at the same time. The original house was a drab, stucco 1990’s-era box sited on a beautiful, secluded bay, facing water and island views, northwest of Seattle.

Rhodes Architecture + Light, was hired in 2019 to add new exteriors and interiors, natural light, larger openings to beach and bay, seismic and foundation upgrades to the home, and to infuse life into the house through the re-use of existing space and varied materials, color, textures, and lighting.

Additions of large doors, folding glass walls and useable balconies were crucial to each space having a dialogue with the outdoors.

The owner’s extensive art collection was highlighted and became the focus of interior places, well-lit naturally and through an energy efficient lighting system. Outside, a low “gull-wing” roof with wood soffits was added above the central atrium space to add drama and bring natural light into the entry gallery space.

“Every day we live in here we just go, ‘Oh my God. Pinch me.’ We’re just living a dream. We have the most vast, expansive views and the wildlife is practically in our lap. One whole wall in the kitchen is windows. And the doors fold all the way open so on a nice day people can come out and it’s heavenly.”

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