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Steven Reichard | Architectural Associate, Project Manager

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Steven hails from Michigan but relocated to the PNW in pursuit of advancing his architectural career. He graduated with honors from The University of Oklahoma earning a Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Information System Technology. His passion for design and construction began in adolescence, and he believes in developing interpersonal relationships with clients to deliver on their needs.

With his will and determination, Steven excelled as a designer and demonstrated his passion for architectural technicality and detail. He has served as a Project Architect & Manager directing various projects of all types. His management opportunities have given him extensive knowledge with commercial projects, implementation of prototypical construction and amplified his desire for residential design. He has an immense and holistic understanding of the design and construction process in all arenas.

Prior to pursuing Architecture, Steve served 10 years in The Air Force and spent time in Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Ireland, Germany and underwent multiple missions earning him the title of Airman of the Year. After serving, he yearned to live in the mountains, so the Pacific Northwest was the perfect place to call home.

In his free time, Steven loves spending time outdoors with his German Shepherd and Labrador. He also enjoys crafting, working out and sports of all kinds.

Steven’s daily is centered around working-out and entertaining his two dogs, Gunther and Renzo. In his free time, Steven loves adventuring the outdoors; where he’s either camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, kayaking or scouting. That resounded thrill for exploration and adventures, has empowered Steven to ascend the steps at the Ziggurat of Ur, summit Mt. Sneffels of the Rockies and free fall from 10,000 feet. When risking life for the thrill is dialed back to zero, Steven tends to cook a chunky chili that packs a punch, stirs the air full of saw dust, cries with laughter over classics like Billy Madison, feels convicted by The Patriot and hopeful his sports team can be victorious.

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